"We buy your house" companies offer real estate alternatives that work

The "we buy your house" signs have been seen by just about everyone. But you may not really understand who we are and what we do. We provide homeowners an alternative to the traditional real estate market. The traditional real estate market works for some, but not everyone. If you need to sell your house within a month or some other tight deadline, it would be difficult to do in this slow real estate market. However, we buy your house in as little as seven days after you accept our offer.

How we buy your house so quickly

We are real estate investors. Our business involves making real estate investments. We buy properties in both excellent and poor condition to resell them for a profit. When you are ready to sell your home, we buy your house in seven days or less, the reason we buy your house so quickly is that we use our own cash for all transactions to eliminate any delays in closing. Working with a professional real estate investment company has lots of advantages beyond a fast closing. You can also avoid paying many closing fees and agent commissions as well.

We buy your house even if you are in another city. You can contact us by phone or by completing our online form. We can provide you with an offer on your home right away, and discuss the best options for your situation.

Help for your financial troubles

The financial troubles happening in the real estate market today are having a devastating effect on the economy and families throughout the U.S. Lots of families have become the unfortunate victims of foreclosure. While there isn't much you can do to catch up on your payments once you fall several months behind in payments, if we buy your house before the bank forecloses you could spare your credit rating. Having foreclosure on your credit report is a big red flag. When we buy your house, we do so in seven days or less, so the faster you take action, the sooner we can help you correct the situation.

Don't leave your home if you don't want to

If you have lived in your house for several years, you have probably grown very attached to it and all of the memories you've experienced within its walls. Even if we buy your house, we still want to help you solve your problems. If you decide that you prefer not to move from your home after we buy your house, that's okay too. We can either rent your home back to you, or set you up on a lease purchase plan to by back your home. As you see, there are lots of different options available to homeowners.

Sell your house for cash

When we buy your house, we can also pay you cash. Working with our own private finds makes this easy to do. You can receive cash at closing. You may even get extra cash for any equity in the home. This cash allows you to pay off your mortgage and any other debts right away. When we buy your house, we can provide you with more solutions to meet your needs.

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