I buy ugly homes: creative real estate options to the rescue

I buy ugly homes from homeowners desperate to sell. Homeowners want to sell their homes for different reasons. Relocation, divorce, probate, liens, unwanted inherited property, job loss and more. Many of these situations require immediate action. Unfortunately, the traditional real estate market doesn't move that fast - especially now with the real estate crisis. Sellers need creative selling options to get their homes sold quickly with no hassle.

The conventional real estate market isn't for everyone

As a professional real estate investor, I buy ugly homes from homeowners facing these very circumstances. Sometimes conventional real estate options just don't work. For example, if you need to relocate for your new job in two weeks, you will have a difficult time selling and closing on your home within that time frame. Experts say that the average home can remain unsold for several months in this market. But all you have to do is look around your neighborhood to see how long it is taking your neighbors to sell their homes. I buy ugly homes from homeowners looking to avoid all of this.

Why I buy ugly homes

I buy ugly homes - the home most buyers, private investors and real estate agents wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. An ugly home has usually become that way after a long period of neglect. It takes a lot of time and money to keep a home in tip top shape. I buy ugly homes from homeowners that can no longer afford their homes. I make it easy for these people because they can sell their homes fast without worrying about the condition of the home.

When I buy ugly homes, I look beyond the obvious condition of the property to see how much better it could be with a little work. I fix up neglected and dilapidated homes to become homes buyers are looking for. Then I sell the house at a profit. The seller gets their house sold without jumping through a lot of hoops, and my business gets a new investment. Things work out for everyone involved.

Sell your house without the hassle

Many home owners worry about all of the work involved with selling a home. If you decide to sell your own home, or work with an agent, you will need to put in work to sell your home. Prepare your home to attract buyers, schedule tours of your home, open houses, go back and forth over contract details and once everything is in place wait for closing.

When I buy ugly houses, I close on the property within seven days or less. I am using my own cash, so there is no unexpected delay in the process. When I buy ugly homes from people who are facing an important deadline like an impending foreclosure, bankruptcy or you need to relocate by a certain date, you will appreciate this. If the seller prefers not to move out of the house, I can arrange that. I can either rent the home or allow them to lease the home with an option to purchase.

Get cash at closing

I buy ugly homes from sellers needing a quick sale and will gladly offer them cash at closing. Many sellers like receiving cash because it makes it easier for them to begin paying off their debts. I buy ugly homes from sellers who need creative options when selling their homes.

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