We buy pretty houses from homeowners needing to sell fast

We buy pretty houses from homeowners experiencing financial problems. Even though our popular slogan says "we buy ugly houses™," we don't discriminate. As a homeowner you take great pride in your home. You spend time and money maintaining the interior and exterior as well as manicuring the lawn. Having a pretty home takes lots of work.

Homeowners living in nice neighborhoods in attractive homes can experience financial hardship just as easily as anyone else. For example, medical bills can virtually bankrupt a family, and in this current economy joblessness is skyrocketing. If a homeowner finds himself in a situation like this, he could start falling behind in his mortgage payments. If he falls to far behind to catch up, the lender may initiate foreclosure. We buy pretty houses from struggling homeowners.

Facing foreclosure

Foreclosure can happen to anyone. All it takes is losing a job and falling behind on your monthly payments to start the ball rolling. Constant phone calls and letters become difficult to ignore. The stress of trying to stay on top of it can become overwhelming. If you know for certain that you cannot catch up on your payments, you should shift your efforts to doing everything you can to sell your home.

We buy pretty houses from sellers dealing with foreclosure

We buy pretty houses from financially distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. The best thing you can do is sell your home. We buy pretty homes quickly, often within just one week. By selling your house before it gets foreclosed, you can at least save your credit rating from becoming ruined. Even if you do lose your home, keeping a foreclosure off of your credit score will allow you to rebuild your life more quickly. When we buy pretty houses, we can immediately elevate your financial stress. In some cases, we can even take over communicating with your lender for you. The loan process is very short and not complicated.

Do you have to leave your home?

We buy pretty houses and offer sellers a variety of solutions to their financial problems. If you need to sell your house before the lender forecloses, you don't have to just leave your home. We buy pretty houses from sellers faced with foreclosure all of the time. We understand that you never planned to lose you home. You have worked hard to keep it attractively maintained. We buy pretty houses and provide a plan to help the seller keep his home. We can either rent to you, or allow you to lease the home with an option to buy. It's that simple.

We can buy your home fast

When we buy pretty houses from homeowners motivated to sell, we close within seven days or less. That's far less time than it takes a mortgage loan to process. The reason we by pretty houses so quickly is because we use our own money. We can also provide sellers with a cash payment to make it more convenient to pay of your loan and any additional debts your payment might cover. We buy pretty houses without charging excess fees or commission.

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