We buy really ugly houses so sellers can salvage their credit rating

We buy really ugly houses from sellers facing many different circumstances. Some sellers want to scale back their lifestyle during these uncertain economic times. They want to trade down from a big house and big mortgage payments. Some sellers may own a second property that they no longer want to be responsible for. Another homeowner may be experiencing extreme financial problems. They can no longer afford to live in their home, but because of financial problems over the years, they have let the maintenance on the home go. Now they can't find a real estate agent willing to help them sell. We buy real ugly houses from sellers facing serious challenges - even in this troubled economy.

The foreclosure crisis keeps growing

Foreclosures are rampant in this real estate market. The best thing a seller facing foreclosure can do is make moves right away. We buy really ugly houses from sellers facing foreclosure, so we are familiar with not only the foreclosure process, but the emotional toll it can take on homeowners. It's hard to face the prospect of being displaced from your home. But the worst thing you can do in this situation is hide your head in the sand hoping it will all go away. The best thing to do if you cannot catch up your payments is to sell the property right away.

We buy real ugly houses from sellers in financial crisis

If you have an ugly house that might be easier said than done. However, We buy really ugly houses that many real estate agents and personal investors might not ever think to buy. When we buy real ugly houses from homeowners threatened by foreclosure, they can escape their mounting debt, and sell their home before the bank forecloses. We buy your house, bring your payments up to date and may even succeed in getting the equity out of your home. Even if your home has no equity, we might still be able to help.

Bankruptcy problems can be avoided

If you have also recently filed bankruptcy, you may be under the impression that filing the paperwork solves all of your problems. This is just not so. All filing bankruptcy does is put the inevitable on hold for a bit. The process will still be the same; your home will be sold at a Sheriff's sale. You will have lost your home and you will have a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit report that will be very hard to live down. We buy really ugly houses quickly so take action right away to sell your house.

We make it easy

We buy really ugly houses from sellers who need to know they can sell their house quickly no matter what. If you are facing a serious financial situation, like foreclosure or bankruptcy, you cannot afford to sit around and do nothing. Take too long and your window of opportunity could slip away. We buy real ugly houses and can help homeowners facing foreclosure sell their home and save their credit.

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