We buy ugly homes that others don't want

We buy ugly homes from sellers needing to sell their homes in the condition that they are. These sellers have different reasons for selling an ugly home. They may suddenly need to relocate for a job or family-related issues. They may only have a small window of time to sell it.

In this real estate market, listing your home for sale using tradition real estate methods doesn't work well for everyone. Some sellers don't have the time or money to spend getting their home ready to sell - especially considering that it could take months before your home sells in this market.

We buy ugly homes because...

Like most real estate investors, we buy ugly homes from home owners needing to sell homes right away. Not everyone who needs to sell a home can afford to invest money hiring expensive contractors to make pricey repairs, upgrades and renovations to impress potential buyers. We buy ugly homes exactly as they are. We see no need to have the owner spruce it up when we will end up making our own changes to the property anyway. This reduces the stress that comes with selling a home. We buy ugly homes because we see the potential beneath the surface.

Avoid foreclosure on your credit rating

We buy ugly homes from homeowners facing foreclosure everyday. Lots of people are dealing with impending foreclosure in this economy. It can be the cause of stress and many sleepless nights spent trying to figure out how to climb out of the financial hole. Once you realize that you cannot make up your missed payments, you need to act fast. We buy really ugly houses, so if you sell your house before foreclosure, you can escape seriously damaging your credit.

Take immediate action when filing bankruptcy

We buy ugly homes from sellers who have serious financial issues that have led to filing bankruptcy. A person will usually take that step after becoming so overwhelmed by their debt that they just want to wipe the slate clean, regardless of the consequences to their credit. We buy ugly homes from homeowners think that once they file bankruptcy everything is automatically taken care of. But it's still a good idea to sell your house first since it will end up being seized anyway. You do not want a foreclosure and bankruptcy on your credit. It could make getting back on your feet more difficult.

The benefits of our service

When we buy ugly homes from sellers, our intention is to provide an alternative real estate solution for homeowners whom might otherwise be unable to sell their homes. We buy ugly homes quickly - within seven days or less - and have several options to meet the seller's needs. For example, if you experience foreclosure and you really don't want to move your family away from a neighborhood you have all grown to love over the years, we buy ugly homes and then rent them back to you. You can save time and money spent finding a new residence and moving. We buy ugly homes in cities around the country for your convenience.

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